Lounge Showroom

Wil Sylvince

Fri, May 31, 2019
Sat, Jun 1, 2019
Lounge Showroom

Wil Sylvince

with Adrian Rodney and Aminah Imani

Wil Sylvince is one of the most explosive comedians performing around the world today. His comedic performances on COMEDY CENTRAL, HBO’S DEF COMEDY JAM, and SHOWTIME all garnered standing ovations by the audiences, a feat rarely seen accomplished by many performers.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Sylvince has honed his act in New York’s top comedy clubs – the Comedy Cellar, Comic Strip Live, Caroline’s on Broadway, Stand-Up NY and the Gotham Comedy Club.

His unique perspective on political and social issues, with a twist of his West Indian Haitian culture makes Sylvince a comedian in high demand. He has been hand picked by comedian heavyweights Damon Wayans, D.L. Hughley, Wayans Brothers, Katt Williams and Gabriel Iglesias to tour the country.

When not touring with other comedians, Sylvince is a wanted commodity at college campuses everywhere. His versatility to work clean as well as edgy, make him one of the nation’s top booked college comedians.

In addition to his on camera work, Sylvince also prides himself on his exceptional comedy writing skills. His writing has been used and featured on The Fugees’ album The Score, Wyclef’s The Carnival. He was also a contributor to sketch shows Chapelle Show on Comedy Central and Damon Wayan’s The Underground.

His work definitely speaks for itself, leaving audiences in amazement and always wanting more. Wil Sylvince is definitely a rising star worth keeping an eye on.

Adrian Rodney

Using a sly yet poised delivery, Adrian Rodney pokes fun of the nuisances of day to day living. Standing out all of his life has given him many tales of disrespect and awkward situations that are meant for retelling. He has opened for touring comedians such as : Golden Globe Winner Rachel Bloom, Jim Florentine, Ari Shaffir, DC Benny etc. He has performed at various venues in the DC/New York area and is poised to bring his comedy to the world.

Aminah Imani

Aminah Imani’s notable performance at the Homecoming Comedy Show of her alma mater, Howard University, paved the way for more career highlights. She performed in the 2018 Carolines on Broadway March Madness Comedy competition, the DC Comedy Festival and the Skankfest Comedy Festival. She has also appeared in online sketches for Buzzfeed and starred in the “Flatbush Misdemeanors" web series which was featured in the New York Television Festival.